24 and Loving It!

This past weekend, I celebrated my 24th birthday. Before October 1st hit, I was literally counting down the days until I hit the "big" 2 4. I say this because 23 was my least favorite birthday year--too much awkwardness for me. Warning: Per usual, this is a heavy birthday photo-set.


Since my birthday was this past Saturday, I made sure to celebrate for the entire weekend. I first celebrated by doing a photo-shoot on Friday. Then on Saturday I went out with my sisters and friends to dinner. It was supposed to be a lunch but I spent too much time getting ready and taking blog photos that it ended up turning into a dinner...oops!

On Sunday, my friends treated me to brunch and a mani and pedi. 

To conclude the weekend festivities, we proceeded to attend an awesome bar in Koreatown called "Lock and Key" which I highly recommend. The decor was beautiful and very fitting for a 24th birthday. 

All in all, I had an awesome birthday weekend thanks to great friends and sisters. I can already feel the blessings pouring in. Cheers to 24!

*My dress is courtesy of the high end rental boutique, Love me Lease me. Their website will be launching soon; however, you can still stay up to date by following their Instagram page: 

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