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Since this morning, I’ve had “Self-Explained” by Cherry Glazerr on repeat. I must admit, the song is extremely catchy and I am honestly not sure if the beat is what keeps me coming back for more or that I heavily relate to the song lyrics.


The songtress talks about how much time she spends alone and not wanting people to know about it. I relate so much to this in so many ways. Back when I was frequently blogging, I really enjoyed taking photos, going out for food then coming back…alone. Since a young age, I’ve enjoyed spending time alone. I consider it a blessing and a curse.


A blessing because I never need to fill a void with human interaction and a curse because lets face it, sometimes it’s by force (by my friends) to get me out the house.

A few months back, I had the pleasure of working with photographer, shop owner of Shop Routine and stylist Erika Soliz. She really captured my true essence—I really am a hippie at heart cues in Jefferson Airplane.

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Movin' on Up

Movin' on Up