Movin' on Up

I am almost 4 months into my relocation, and it’s safe to say that I am slowly adjusting to my new home. And although I am developing a fond liking and commitment towards my new residence, there is one aspect of it that leaves a lingering bitter taste in my mouth—the cold weather. I have yet to get used to the cold days and nights and the ever so erratic rainfall.


Now, that I’ve written out all of my cynical thoughts I wanted to share the wonderful things that has happened since my move. I have gotten the chance to work with a handful of creatives in the Bay and have a few projects coming up that I cannot wait to (possibly) share on my blog. I’ve also been able to reconnect with some friends, foster relationships with new ones. A new change that I have noticed within myself if i’m less stressed out about all things which could also be tied to how much more “chill” life is in the Bay compared to the hustle and bustle life that is Los Angeles. Not to say that I’m not hustling out here, because I am but it feels more relaxed and slower paced.


One thing that as most can tell is that I continue to grow negligent of this blog. Seriously, I never knew how difficult it would be to maintain my blog but I’m trying (as I have have uttered so many times before) to be consistent, persistent and relentless with With Love, Banke. Still pondering about changing the name of this blog but we shall see. One thing that’s for sure is that in the 5 years (wow time flew) that I have had this blog, I have seen it grow into something more than I imagined it to. And although my success was what I consider “short-lived” I cannot help but look back and say wow. This all started with an impulsive action and a iPhone 4 camera. No blog-driven aspirations, no sponsorships just me and my abundance of creative juices. I am hoping to some-day return to that 2014 blogger—carefree and witty!




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