Happy New Year!

Here’s to wishing prosperity and growth to all of my fellow creatives and fashion bloggers alike. A few weeks ago, I wrapped up my final 2018 trip by traveling to good ol’ Texas! I also came to find out that the saying “everything is bigger in Texas” is indeed true! Everything from the hair, to the cars and finally to the malls were extremely super-sized compared to what I have grown accustomed to seeing in California.


I stayed a total of 4 days in Houston for my cousin’s wedding and was unpleasantly surprised at the weather. It resembled the Bay Area weather (something that I am still struggling getting accustomed to two months into my move but I’ll save this for a future post). It was rainy and cold but that did not stop me from enjoying what the city had to offer. I also noticed there was a lot of Texan pride—I don’t think I’ve ever felt the presence of a state flag as much as I did in Texas.

On the second day of my trip I kept my style pretty simple— a plaid Ralph Lauren vintage top that I’ve had for over 6 years now (talk about a time hop) and a pair of Urban Outfitter jeans that I have had in my closet for almost the same length of time. Hoping I can keep my this momentum up for the next few years.


Day 2: I wore a very flamboyant ankara ensemble from OFUURE, which if you probably haven’t visited, should head on over to their site. They have a beautiful selection of ankara clothing. And, want to know an even more interesting thing about this dress? I am wearing it the opposite way. The cut out in the front was a little too much for me so I kept it conservative by wearing the back facing front.


Day 3: Traditional Clothing! Why yes, I’ve never debuted any traditional Nigerian clothing on my blog. So if you’ve been following my 4+ year journey this might be a pleasant shock, hehe.


After the success of my trip to Houston it’s safe to say I’ll visit Texas again in the future. Until next time!


With Love, Banke

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