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September 2017 marked when I fell in love with Europe. I know, I am making a huge generalization but so far I've been to 4 European countries in less than a year and instantaneously fell in love with all of them. 


This month, I had the pleasure of visiting Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal). Upon visiting the city, I had no reservations or pre-conceived notions about Lisboa. I simply did not know what to expect. Going into the city with an untainted mind allowed me to enjoy every moment of Lisboa.


I had the pleasure of having a wonderful Air B n B nestled in the city center. Not only was it quiet, but it was also extremely spacious. The host provided myself and guests toiletries and cooking supplies which came in handy for the nights that we stayed in and cooked.


My first night was spent in bed as I had a mild case of the flu but do not despair, that did not stop me from having a wonderful time. There was also the fact that I had a wonderful night's sleep which made my jet-lag nonexistent.

One thing I noticed about the city is its beautiful architecture. Lisboa is a "walking city" and for this reason, I was able to see monuments that I probably would not have batted my lashes to had I been in a vehicle every moment of the day. Below, I will list a few of my most memorable moments in my time spent in Lisboa.




I am not even sure where to start. There were so many unique boutiques and indoor shopping centers. One store that stuck out to me was H&M. I know, it's a store that can be found almost anywhere these days, there was just one section of the store that I have never seen in LA--H&M Home. Since living in California, I have never seen any H&M Home, nor did I now that this beauty existed. I splurged HARD to the point where I actually was 10 pounds over my luggage limit when it was time for me to fly back to the states. I was frantic as I nervously shuffled items from my suitcase into my carry on praying that the Agent would have mercy on me and let me check in my bag overweight and all. Fortunately, my troubles were removed and now I am typing this post as I look around my semi-decked H&M home decor (which will be displayed on a future blog post). 

Major retailers such as Zara and Mango were also frequent to come by. A noticeable difference from Lisboa Zaras' compared to the store near my home  was both the style and window display selections. Zara in Lisboa were more colorful in nature and had styles fresh off the runway!


I had amazing food in Lisboa! Many of the restaurants serve "tapas" so my portions were small in size. As a result of this, I found myself hoping from restaurant to restaurant through the day. Below, I have listed some of my favorite eateries:

  1. BOA-BAO: 
    1. This place was AMAZING. The decor, the ambiance, the FOOD. Nothing in this restaurant fell short of amazing. I had the pleasure of enjoying the chicken fried rice and dumplings. This was probably my favorite restaurant that I visited during my stay. The servers were extremely friendly and their drinks were also equally amazing. 
  2. Sommerlier Lisbon
    1. Out of all of the restaurants that I went to in Lisbon, this one hands down had the BEST service. We went to this restaurant for my sister's 30th birthday and our last night in Lisbon. We had the best server I have had in my life and nope, it's not an understatement. The wine and champagne were amazing. This is a known wine bar in the city and for this reason, the restaurant had a wide array of selections. I ordered the black linguini and shrimps and fell in love.
  3. Le Chat
    1. This was a very hip and cool eatery  right next to the Museu Nacional De Arte Antiga. I think I even loved this place a lot more because they placed Amy Winehouse for my entire duration there. That was one huge thing I noticed in Lisbon that many of the restaurants played a LOT of soul: Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Lauren Hill, etc. 
  4. Palacio Chiado
    1. Palacio Chiado resembled a mini royal palace meets Sex and the City. Not sure if this description even makes sense but this restaurant was a site to see. Great wine, great steak and french fries and an amazing ambiance. 
  5. Miradouro Das Portas Do Sol
    1. Miradouro primarily serves sandwiches, potato chips and eclectic drinks. I ordered a hamburger and french fries and it tasted like nothing I have ever tasted before (in a good way). Since I was sick for a huge portion of my trip, I ordered their ginger tea which alleviated my sickness.

*I've missed a few restaurants because I've simply forgotten their names but, when I remember I will update this post.

Museums + Castles

  1. Pena Palace, Castle of the Moors, Castelo De. S Jorge
    1. If you're a fan of Game of Thrones you will HIGHLY enjoy these sites! I have never seen a castle in my life yet alone anything like the ones that I had the opportunity to see in Portugal. Castle of the Moors and Pena Palace are located in Sintra, Portugal and my friends, be prepared, you'll do A LOT of walking so wear comfy shoes if you decide to visit. Also, it's pretty impossible to visit all of the castles in a day unless you're an Olympian. If you plan on doing so, try to stay in Sintra for two days. 
  2. Museu Nacional De Arte Antiga
    1. Again, suitable for Game of Thrones, you'll love this museum. There were a lot of artifacts from that point in time displayed at this museum. It was about two floors. Photography is allowed but museum goers are not allowed to record video. I also recommend checking out their gift shop for affordable souveniers.  
  3. MATT: Museu De Arte, Arquitetura e Technologia
    1. I strongly enjoyed this museum although it was small in nature there were a lot of cool artifacts my favorite being the Egyptian exhibit. I was pretty ecstatic when I found out this museum had one being that I've never been able to see an Egyptian exhibit in the flesh. 

Overall, I had the best time of my life in Portugal. I highly recommend visiting this country and please, feel free to message me with any questions if you're planning a trip to Lisbon! xo.


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Jumpsuit: Missguided

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