East Coast Chillin’

Excuse my tardiness on my overdue post--I am currently still jetlagging from my jam packed trip. Last year, I made it one of my new years resolutions to travel a lot more in 2018. Well, turns out my wish became true but it's been quiet a ride so far but nothing short of a pleasurable one!


Last week I visited Connecticut a place that I've unofficially dubbed as home to Gossip Girl fashion. An abundance of plaid striped clothing, cardigans, and keds sneakers ran rampant throughout the state. Not too often do I get to see stores that are oozing Blaire Waldorf's fashion essence. But of course I was in love--the prep style has always been a go to style that I love to emulate. A part of me wishes that I had the opportunity to attend a private school while growing up just so I can rock some of the Gossip Girl prep uniform looks.

Outside of growing even more fond to prep school looks, I roamed around the state and found myself on the steps of Yale. Just kidding, I already planned to take a look at Yale while I was out in the state. It isn't everyday that I get to see an Ivy League institution in the flesh. 

So you're probably wondering about the above picture and why my sense of style is lacking . Well, I had just gotten off of work and packed light for this trip so I wasn't able to fully immerse myself in my typical fashion style. In order words, I looked like a generic college student--I dressed for comfort not for fashion.


After having visited Connecticut I made a pit stop to the City that never sleeps. I couldn't believe prior to this trip, I had not visited NYC in over a decade. As I walked across the "archaic" streets I couldn't help but wonder where the heck was my Banke name plate necklace? Seriously, I had many mental Carrie Bradshaw moments! 


My first night out on the town was spent in Harlem where I attended a Nigerian party. The inside of the bar somewhat reminded me of home--as many LA bars are similar in size and architecture to the bar that I had visited. 

The sound of afro-beats filled the streets and the ambiance was something that was unforgettable. I was not accustomed to being out extremely late at a club as LA clubs typically have last calls at 1:30 AM, NYC clubs on the contrary don't get the party started 'til around this time.

The next day, I got to catch up with a few friends out in Brooklyn for brunch. It seems like much as changed since I've last visited the vibrant city. Beautiful hipster-esque shops could be found almost on every street corner and there was a growing presence of coffee shops. 


Although my stay in the City was short, I had an amazing time. It was wonderful being able to catch up with friends and just feeling the energy of NYC and the east coast in general. Hopefully I will be back soon!