London Town

London is home to some of the most innovative and daring fashion houses. Similar to Los Angeles, street style has a huge following in the town. It is a city were it is not uncommon to see Asos and Boohoo dresses paired with the latest Nike Air Max. And, although I envy the lack of need to wear heels everywhere, I do not think I could survive a London winter.

This past summer, I visited one of the world’s biggest fashion capitol. The irony of my trip is that I had my entire outfit planned to a t but, due to lack of sleep, I wore one of the most basic outfits ever. Another ironic thing was that two of the items worn on this trip were from Boohoo (something that was completely unplanned).


Sleep deprived with so many places to go I roamed the streets of London town. I visited the Big Ben, purchased some books from a vintage books. I even had tea date with my sister in London. Despite my short stay I enjoyed the busy city and scenery. I hope that in the next few years I can have a much more extensive blog post about my experiences in London.