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Last night, I looked through my IG feed and photo library on my iPhone and was truly amazed at myself for everything I've accomplished.

I say this because 2016 wasn't my favorite year. For this reason, I was determined to make 2017 one for the books and well, it was. 

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I accomplished nearly all of my goals that I set forth for 2017. I worked HARD. A lot of times, people only see the end results of your work and do not realize the amount of work it takes to even reach that one goal. I worked practically everyday in 2017. And those days where I didn't work, I was planning how I would execute tasks for my next work day. 

I made new friends, luckily I didn't lose any, instead I strengthened some relationships from 2016. I cherished living on my own and doing things for myself by myself. Although I will truly, and I say this with sadness miss 2017, I welcome the many blessings that will appear in 2018. 



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