I have a huge watch addiction. I tend to go for gold framed or colorful watches all of which go amazing with an evening dress or a casual day in the city. 

I recently was given the opportunity to collaborate with JORD Watches, an innovative company that takes a different approach to your typical watch. Before coming across this company, I never pondered upon the thought of purchasing a wooden watch. When I saw all of their beautiful selections. 

I had my eye on this emerald green beauty. I selected this style because green always goes great with my skin tone and surprisingly goes well with almost anything.

Now, you as a reader have the option of owing one of their watches! Enter my giveaway below and have the chance of being selected to receive a $100.00 gift card from JORD Watches! Hurry now! The giveaway ends soon on August 30th at 11:59 PM! Click here for a chance to win!

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