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I took a glimpse at my last blog post and was stunned to see that it has almost been two months since I have blogged. I have also been placed in unavoidable situations of people questioning the fate of With Love, Banke. I knew it was time to get back into the game when I was constantly asked the question "Banke, are you even still blogging?" 

It would be a lie if I said my blog has not been on my mind these past two months. I have struggled to find ways to promote the exposure of my little blog. And within these two months, I scribbled, scratched out and trashed various ideas to increase my blog's exposure. I dabbled with ideas of cleaning up my blog's Instagram page, having a set theme, and writing more about what is trending in the fashion world. Then I thought to myself, why conform to the ideologies that most fashion bloggers do?

I am slowly beginning to accept the fact that my blog is...different. My Instagram page isn't consistent, I do not really care to talk about the latest fashion trends because half of the time I do not follow them let alone look out for what's trendy and lastly, exposure. I became a fashion blogger to have fun. Yes, I eventually would like to turn this little gem into a business, but for now I want to continue using my blog as my personal creative outlet. I don't ever want updating With Love, Banke to feel as if it is required work duty. For now, I want to keep it simple. And to those who are avid readers of my blog, I'm baaaaack! Lets hope for the best that I don't disappear again.

Oh, and the photos are a major throwback from my #sisterweekend in Beverly Hills.



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