Green with Envy

Tonight I am giving my readers a "look for a girl who works a 9-5" and does many other things on the side but still tries to put some effort into her personal style. Gosh, it's so difficult to NOT be lazy when it comes to my fashion sense now but lets admit, this colorful Michael Kors dress is in TRUE Banke fashion.


I spent this past weekend cleaning, creeping, cleaning again, cooking (failed attempt--I overcooked the chicken) and lurking through my own closet. I can't help but feel nostalgic for some of the keepsake items I have. Some of them have been in my closet in '09. But, in 2017, I have decided it is the perfect time to get rid of some of these items. 

Sure, I still love colorful clothing but some of the items in my closet feel dated. Others were just trends which I feel semi-weird for evening continuing to rock in 2017.  Not that I follow trends, but I liked them at that time, now they're blase. So here's to mid-year fashion growth in 2017!




What Is She Wearing?

Dress: Michael Kors (click HERE for similar dress!)

Michael Kors Heels

With Love, Banke