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It a little past midnight and I am sitting in my bed ruminating on the progression of "With Love, Banke." What started out as your stereotypical millennial's need, no WANT to express their creative juices to kill time in college has now turned into a millennial trying to expand their blog into a business. Banke now wants to become a *cues the drums* #GIRLBOSS.

Ok, ok I am so using the word GirlBoss but, I've only stepped into NastyGal once, and no I did not purchase anything but hey, a girl can dream, right?

A post such as this one is long overdue. As many devoted readers of this blog may know, or may not know is that this year I unfortunately did not write a three year reflection post of my blog. It's strange--January (20something) came and on the day of my three-year blogger anniversary I was more concerned with when I was going sweep away the tumbleweeds that were blossoming around my site than cumulating my thoughts to write some type of reflection.  

For awhile, I struggled with keeping this blog updated. It was almost as if I were an outdated apartment complex refusing to make upgrades to the facility because, well it was falling apart. I know I needed to make some type of adjustment, and modernize some things but something was missing. I yearned to "fit in" with the typical fashion blogger. You know, putting effort into describing every aspect of my wardrobe and tips on how to style a look. But most of the time, I did not really care. I noticed I have stopped caring about a lot of fashion blogger related things that I used to care about. I believe that is what set me a part. Or is there a collective of bloggers who share my same beliefs? (I may never know...)

Many things have changed since I first started my blog. I am now a career driven woman. Back when I started I was a full-time college student but had much time to spare to write witty candor on my experiences as a college student and my sometimes not so pleasant fashion don'ts. And I got back into modeling--another career that limits my free-time updating this blog. 

Despite time not working in my favor, here is a promise to myself and my readers that in due time, I will be a little bit more consistent. If only there were enough hours in the day to do everything...

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