Gone are the days where I would currently be setting up my tripod back home in Corona. It is crazy how the above statement was my reality a year ago. It just goes to show how so much can change within a year. 

It took me a year and a half to post this set. Don't fret--I still look the same minus the big hair. I am currently giving Naomi Campbell hair vibes for the fall. I purchased the skirt at the American Apparel (AA) located right by UCLA a little over a year ago. I remember being greeted by not only wonderful customer service, but a killer sale rack. The skirt was meant to be high wasted but at the time, my waist was so tiny that it just fell on my hips. There was actually an outfit blopper in this post--the only reason why I decided to wear a sweatshirt that day was because that was the only article of clothing that would make this skirt fit properly. Fortunately enough, the skirt has now gone through enough washes that it fits properly. Unfortunately, it is a little too high wasted that I can't wear it out anywhere without having a Marilyn Monroe moment. At the end of the day, it was a fun skirt while it lasted. RIP to the beautiful makeshift AA skirt. You will be missed.

What Is She Wearing?

Vintage Chanel Back

Forever 21 Limited Edition Keith Haring Sweatshirt

Steve Madden Heels

Michael Kors Watch

American Apparel Skirt





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