Quarter of a Century

Banke is 25!!

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Throughout 2017 I have been trying to pinpoint why I have not blogged that much. I often justified my infrequent blogger presence to time, when in reality I realized that my interests have shifted. I found myself looking through old posts when it hit me-- my passion for blogging is expanding. I want to branch out and write about different things, other than fashion and other than how well or not so well my day was. Then, I hit a quarter of a century on October 1st and I started to put things into perspective.

I for one have always been someone to put a LOT of pressure on myself. I consider myself a perfectionist. At times, I internalize it but my mind constantly races on a daily basis of how and when I'll reach my long term goals.

For my 25th birthday, I had brunch with family and friends at the Little Easy. A cute and vibrant bar/restaurant in Downtown LA. Having brunch here really made me yearn to visit Louisiana (which I am hoping is my next trip).

However, before my brunch I experienced a whirlwind of emotions. And I would be lying if I did not say I did not feel the weight of 25 approaching. I felt happy and sad at the same time. Sad for all of the things I said I would accomplish before I turned 25 and happy for all of the things that I never planned that happened.

I never EVER planned on getting back into modeling. And at 24 I made the decision to dive headfirst back into the industry. I never planned on moving back to Long Beach but I did and realize it was the best decision I made. I never planned to go to Europe at 24 but one day, I made the sporadic decision to purchase a ticket. There were so many things that I "planned" to happen before 25 that did not harvest. It took the weeks leading up to my 25th birthday for me to realize I thank God they did not. I am learning at a quarter of a century to go with the flow--most of the best things in life happen unplanned!



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