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Fall is nearing and THIS is what I have in my closet. As some of you may know, I seldom follow the fall fashion trends. I honestly don't even have a clue of what is considered "in" this season. I kind of just wear whatever I find in my closet or the nearest thrift store, lol. 

This blog outfit has been collecting dust for months now and I am honestly not sure why I never uploaded it on my blog before because this highlighter-esque skirt is hands down my favorite article of clothing. I mean look at it! You can wear this with almost anything. I scored it at the H&M at South Coast plaza in Costa Mesa. The funny thing is, I walked right past it and my sister used her power of persuasion (as she did with giving me the idea to make a blog) to purchase it. As soon as I got in line, a lot of people started staring. I thought for a second, is something in my tooth or is there something dangling from my nostril but to my surprise they were actually staring at the skirt and proceeded to ask a few sales associates' where to purchase it in the store. Unfortunately for everyone else, I picked up the last one and have fell in love with it ever since then.

What Is She Wearing?

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Kate Spade

Bag: Pulicati Italy

Shirt: Ebay

Jacket: Charlotte Russe

Photos by Austin Hall



That's So Banke

That's So Banke