That's So Banke

Looking like a 70s love child.

Sometimes, I enjoy giving myself compliments such as "Yaaaas, Banke! Push through with the blog post consistent!" So kudos, to myself for getting out of my blog writing stupor. 

There are not enough words in the universe to describe my adoration for 70s fashion. I love how there was a combination of both form fitting and loose clothing that still made whoever wore it look dashing. Maybe the clothing style was a reflection of what was occurring in the world at that time. 

One of my favorite 70s fashion item is the retro dress. I bought it from a thrift store, so I am not too sure about its origin. But it's very retro and describes me to a T.--carefree!

What Is She Wearing?

Shoes: Forever 21

Dress: Thrifted

Hat: Gifted


With Love, Banke

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