Is That You Elvira?


I am clearly channeling Elvira Hancock in this set. Based on the number of Scarface references I have made on this blog, one of think I am well versed on the story behind Elvira Hancock and the movie itself; but, I have a shocking confession to make. I have never, yes never watched the film in all of its entirety--yet, I am so fascinated by the infamous Elvira Hancock. Her nonchalant and blas√© attitude towards Tony Montana intrigues me as I wonder how she managed to stay by his side for that long as he had a rambunctious attitude towards almost everything in life. 

Although the film is critically acclaimed for its storyline and acting, I would go as far as to say as Elvira Hancock's fashion is also critically acclaimed in its own right.

What is not to love about silk dresses, strappy heels and jewels that will make you have a run for your money? 

What Is She Wearing?

Dress: (Click here)

Kimono: Forever 21


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