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The Unknown

The Unknown

Currently feeling like a sick, sick, puppy and this new Frank Ocean album is not making me feel the slightest bit better. But, his album did put me deep thought-provoking daze, which some would agree with me that all of his albums have this effect on the human mind.

Tonight, I am stuck on the fear of the unknown. Maybe not so much the fear part, but the unknown itself. Remember when you were 10 years old, and had your entire life played out? And now, you not only sit back and laugh that none of that actually happened but back of your mind, you also thank God none of it actually did. Well, that is how I am currently feeling now. For some strange reason, I have really been using my lack of knowing what my future holds as fuel to reach my goals and right now, I have a full tank of gas.

Think about it--would you really have put in as much time and effort into achieving your dreams, wants and need if you saw your entire life path in front of you? I personally would not and I am sure other people would probably agree with me. Because, think about it, why would you put as much effort into something if you already know it is going to happen? If this were the case, I would become stagnant, unmotivated and uncaring; however, because I do not know what my future holds for me, and I am unaware of my divine life plan I hustle. I push through, remain determined and know that when I finally play my cards right, everything will fall into place.

So I will use my fashion blog as an example. I started blogging two years ago (crazy to think that it has been almost three years). When I first started blogging, I put in a crazy amount of effort into promoting my blog and I saw almost instant results. Within a few months of blogging I received a crazy amount of features, free clothes, random Tumblr reposts, and of course a solid following. My social media strategy worked because I tried hard. But, if I would have seen the level of recognition my blog would receive within a few months prior to really implementing all of my social marketing techniques I definitely would not have put in the same amount of effort. 

So, this post is dedicated to all my fellow millennials who are currently frustrated, tired, hungry and sometimes tired of eating fast food because you are always on the go--I see you. Just rest assured that your efforts will soon come to fruition. In the meantime keep hustling and watch a Netflix movie from time to time!

What Is She Wearing?

Skirt: Marshalls

Faux Fur: Vintage

Shoes: Sam Edelman 

Bag: H&M

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