Living in the Moment

I am currently listening to an Afro-beat mix on YouTube and in the middle my jam fest, it dawned on me--how many of us actually live life in the moment

There are too many facets of this argument which makes it difficult to place the blame of failure to live life in the moment on a specific event; however, most of us are aware enough to know that technology is partially to blame for this phenomenon. 

I remember being in elementary school and only having access to a computer for educational purposes. As for a cell phone, I received one in 6th grade but let me clarify that the cell-phone did not even work, ha. I only brought it to show off. Back then, you were viewed as a pretty cool kid if you had access to a flip-phone, yet alone owned one. 

But we have come a long way from the flip-phone and Myspace days. We now have Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and the other day I learned about a new application called Periscope. I was always a late bloomer when it came to installing social media applications . I just signed up for Snapchat a few months ago, I hopped on the Instagram bandwagon about two years too late and my Facebook page is currently collecting dust.

Unfortunately, all of these applications alike make living in the moment non-existent. We now live in a generation where if you do not document every aspect of your day it did not happen. But with this comes problems--it's almost as if there is an internal force/constant struggle within a lot of us millennials on how often we should post. But the way I see it is that those who post the least on these sites attempt to live more in the moment than those who do.



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