The weather in Socal has been anything but pleasant. I long for the days where I would (figuratively) sunbathe at the pool and people watch as I sipped my signature drink (strawberry lemonade of course). Gone are the days where the sun playfully tap-danced around Los Angeles. My once incandescent longing to be outside has subdued and instead, now feels like a required work duty. Because of this, I prefer to lie in bed as opposed to partaking in anything that requires me to be outside for an extended period of time. 

Since I have become accustomed to staying indoors, I rarely did anything spontaneous--until today. I decided to have a change of heart and go outside in the pouring rain! Believe it or not, this satin dress from PPZ is actually a night dress! But, in typical Banke fashion, I decided to turn it into a fun and playful blog outfit.

After all, I am still a K I D at heart. 

What Is She Wearing?

PPZ Lace Night Dress

Asos Sneaker Wedges

Thrifted Denim Jacket