Why Even Try?

I've been avoiding blogging and I can pinpoint a few reasons why. I have had the worst writers block ever. It does not help that the burdens of adulting have been stacking up like a 5 year olds block of Legos. Lets face it, I am a fashion blogger who ironically does not talk much about fashion. I would rather talk in circles or talk about the weather and this is because fashion is subjective.

When I was younger, I would pride myself that I had a good sense in fashion. I considered myself unstoppable and I had as much charisma and confidence as the infamous Joanne the Scammer. Come on, I was the runner up for the Best Dressed in Middle School which only reinforced my then ideology. Do not get me wrong, I still possess those two traits but it is different now. My charisma and confidence has matured and become more approachable.

Back in 2014, I considered myself to be hip, happening and believed that I should be the poster-child for undiscovered bloggers. As I grew older, I said wait a second. I have created this own reality in which my style is the best style and this reality thankfully came crashing down for various reasons the main reason being Instagram. Some love it, others hate it but you have to admit, Instagram is one the most innovative social media applications. And often times, innovation leads to an inevitable amount of criticism. 

I am not talking about critiquing the app--I am talking about the criticism users face on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis. Instagram features hundreds, if not thousands of profiles solely geared towards fashion. Some of these accounts showcase a combination of world renowned and up-and-coming bloggers. I for one have been featured on a few of these accounts. But what really caught my eye were the comments that I would see under some of the guys and gals being featured. I would think to myself that the outfit was amazing and proceed to check out their blog because in my opinion, he/she had an amazing sense of style. Excited that I found a new blogger to lurk on, I wanted to see if other "Igers" shared my sentiments and on the contrary many did not. I would look at some of the bloggers comments and see positive ones here and there but for some reason the negative always seem to stick out. "This outfit is hideous!" "He/She's basic!" "They look a hot mess!" In many cases, I would be surprised but then again I would remember everyone has different style and that is ok. In fact, pride yourself on fashion's subjectivity. After all, it works in your favor. 

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