It's the last day of June and I am currently imagining that I am vacationing in Matagi Island, reading 1984 and drinking coconut water as I overlook the beauty that surrounds me. I'll be there by the summer of 2020--name it and claim it right?

Even though I am currently not on Matagi Island, this outfit sure does make me feel as if I am there in spirit. I am a big fan of resort style-esque clothing because they exude comfort and allow me to not feel guilty about eating those three pack of Mounds because I am "vacationing" and I have the earned the right to divulge in all things unhealthy.

I was sent this beauty and silently screamed when the package landed on my front doorstep. This outfit couldn't be so far from my style because as of late, I've grown accustomed to the 90s grunge era fashion meets Daisy from The Great Gatsby so believe me when I say this was a little different for me. What I love most about this dazzling duo is the pinstripes and how well it suits my skin complexion. I guess that is what drew me to the outfit. I have always been a sucker for vibrant thangs (please, do not que in Q-Tip).

What Is She Wearing?

Michael Kors Rose Gold Tone Concave Studs

American Apparel Classic Jelly Heel

Vertical Stripe Sleeveless Duo 


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