Skatepark Chronicles

"Skateboard B" is at a skatepark yet, has never rode a skateboard in her life. Ok, I lied..I attempted to ride one in college--I mean I used to live in Long Beach which I consider the skateboard Mecca. So, I gave it the old college try and similar to many other girls I failed...terribly so bad that I really scraped up my knee trying to look like the "cool kids."

Unfortunately, the closest I have come to mastering how to ride a skateboard was by playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Game on Playstation. Yes, I know PS1 is indeed ancient. I still own the PS1 and it continues to collect dust under my bed. 

When I was younger, I would spend hours playing the Tony Hawk game. I cannot count how many times I attempted to master tricks without putting in the cheats.  Until one day, I finally won a competition (in the game of course). That was a very memorable childhood moment. Gone are the days where I would spend countless hours playing video games. In a way, adulthood is kind of like a video game. You try endless amount of times attempting to perfect your craft until one day you magically do. I hope that day for me comes soon.


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