Love Paranoia

Can you believe that the only, yes only song I listened to was Tame Impala's hit titled "Love Paranoia?" No, seriously I listened to it all day to the point where I almost figured out all of the lyrics. From the moment I stepped out of my bed to start the day, to driving around to run errands and even while completing work at my local Starbucks. I am thankful for Rihanna's cover of their song "New Person, Same Old Mistakes" because if it had not been for her cover I would have not came across what is now one of my favorite bands.

My fascination with this song is an enigma that I hope to discover. Maybe my love for this song stems from the singer expressing his experiences going through the motions of love. The lyrics are beautiful and thought provoking as it leads the listener to wonder what series of unfortunate events led him to create the song? Whatever it was, led to the creation of an amazing song. Below, I have featured the link to the song.

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Tundae Mena

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