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It has only been a little over a month since I published my last blog post, but for some reason a month has felt like a lifetime. So many things have happened within the past month making it difficult for me to squeeze in time to update "With Love, Banke." Also, as of late my fashion has been anything but blog worthy. My Monday-Friday looks consist of the following: UCLA baseball cap, skinny Zara jeans and Nike trainers. Some days, I would "switch it up" and wear chucks. I am sure I provided you all with enough information to visualize this fashion crime and I spared you all the misery of posting since it would not be a reflection of the type of fashion I choose to display on my blog.

There is also the fact that I returned to modeling. I honestly do not have the slightest clue of what made me pursue the industry again after taking an almost 6 year hiatus. And although I am completely unaware of what led to this newfound drive to pursue this career, I always have in the back of my mind the saying--YOLO. As cliche as the saying may sound, you really do only live once to pursue your interests and chase your dreams and if it does not work out at least you can say you tried instead of sitting down years later reflecting at your nearest diner reminiscing on what could have been.

My entry back into modeling is also a large reason why I have not been blogging--instead of putting together pieces for my own blog I have been styling my photoshoots and doing schoolwork as usual. So since I no longer want my blog to continue collecting tumbleweeds here's a throwback outfit post that I never got around to posting last year. 

Photos by:

Tundae Mena

What Is She Wearing?

H&M Jacket

eBay Romper

eBay Necklace

eBay Sunnies

Marc Jacobs Watch


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