Valentine's Day

What are my plans this Valentine's Day? I am contemplating on treating myself to a nice play and dinner in downtown but knowing myself, one of the following will happen. (A) I will not end up going to DTLA because I'm not too fond of driving around that area and/or (B) the plan of doing something sounds ah-mazing in my head but in reality I'll probably just watch Netflix and listen to the Anti album which for the past two weeks is has become my daily ritual. 

This post is for all of you planning on spending the night out with your significant other, make sure to bring out that red lipstick--I prefer Riri Woo (yes, I am a Rihanna stan). For those of you in search of a last minute V-Day dress, visit! The veteran online boutique has a large selection of v-dayesque dresses.

What Is She Wearing?