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Bloggerversary-With Love, Banke Turns 2!

Bloggerversary-With Love, Banke Turns 2!

As we begin the new year, all sorts of unfamiliar emotions have infiltrated my everyday thoughts. I informally dub 2016 as my "transitional year" for many reasons which I will not go into on this blog for the sake of not adding lackluster commentary.

Although we are less than a week into the new year, I can safely say that 2016, will be a marvelous, shocking and progressive year. It is almost as if someone implanted a chip into my brain that programmed me to say these amazing things about the new year, but my sentiments are reinforced by 2015's dreadful events. As many say-- positive thinking yields positive results. 

Despite my positive feelings about the new year, reminents of 2015 continue to patronize me. One such example is my careless attitude towards keeping track of my belongings. It's only Tuesday, and I already lost my keycard, some eyelashes, my glasses (luckily my nephew found them) and some candy. My inability to keep track of my beloved personal belongings daunts me but, I am making it my mission to overcome "the struggle." 



years now (YES, it is my bloggerversary!) I have showcased my personal belongings on "With Love, Banke." I took a trip down memory lane yesterday and spent about two hours lurking through my own blog. It crazy where life takes you...and even CRAZIER documenting these memorable or sometimes mundane events. I did not consider 2015 my best blogging year, because I took a lot of breaks to focus on school and my personal life but I am proud of how far my blog has come over the course of two years. I was featured on lookbook.nu's social media accounts twice, received more blogger collaborations then any newbie blogger could handle and put together some outfits that I probably would not have been caught wearing in 2014! None of my success would be possible had it not been for the amazing individuals who helped my blog grow. The visitors, the commenters and the photographers--thank you all :).

I am excited to see what's in store for With Love, Banke in 2016!

PS. Here's an outfit post for ya!

What is She Wearing?


CN Direct

Shoes: Forever 21

Jeans: Zara

Photos by:

Austin Hall

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