Feel Fresh with Evian

Has your face ever felt soo grimy and didn't have any solution to solve the issue?

If you answered yes, then I share your sentiments. If you answered no, well I wished I had the same experiences as you.

Fortunately, for those who suffer from what I like to call as "grimism" there is a solution to this unfortunate and bothersome issue.

And that solution is Avian's Natural Mineral Water. I have constantly wondered if this mineral water worked as I watched fellow fashion and beauty bloggers share their opinions about this go-to facial spray. I have very sensitive skin, so you can only imagine why I am skeptical about trying anything new on my face. Hundreds of questions entered my mind prior to trying the product. I wondered if I would break out or even worse, develop a rash. Unfortunately, I am one of the select few individuals who plays out the worst case scenario in their mind about trying something new. 

Finally, I decided to put aside my worries--basically I said "To hell with it!" And boy, am I glad I did. I have been using this product consistently for the past week and words cannot express how happy I am that I finally gave in to this beauty product! Since I attend UCLA, I have to walk EVERYWHERE--to and from class in the horrible heat. Having this product with me during my lengthy walks not only kept me feeling refreshed but also in a better mood for some strange reason.

Another piece of advice for those of you who are current users of this product or are contemplating purchasing it is put it in the fridge if it's a hot day. That way, when you go out, you not only feel refreshed but feel cool (pun intended) as well!

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