Rather than present you (the reader) with the typical fashion blog commentary I propose the following question--how do you define beauty?

I consider beauty as a multifaceted socially constructed train of thought, a concept if I might add. My ideal definition of beauty differs from what those around me consider to be beautiful. I tend to find beauty in the most odd things. I am never drawn to societal standards of beauty because to me, these standards are boring, expected and if you understood me on a personal level, you would know that  I tend to enjoy the thrill of the unexpected. 

I cannot explain how many times I have found myself staring at a Picasso painting and finding it  weird, intriguing and surprisingly beautiful. The above statement best sums up my definition of beauty. I could go on and on about beauty and the issues of societal norms that regulate this socially constructed word but I will end my rant with one last statement.  I hope that this post has caused you to question where you stand on defining beauty or lack of beauty thereof. 

Life is a beautiful circus.

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Austin Hall

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