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I have a confession to make--I am in love with all things 90s. It's likely that my deeply engrained fixation on this decade has something to do with my birthdate (October 1st, 1992--yes, I am a Libra) Or it may be due to the fact that the fashion industry finally revived 90s trends. 

As a youngster, I was


with "

All That

," "

Bug Juice"

and "

Clarissa Explains it All

." I will even admit that I could barely watch "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" after 9:00 PM in the unlikely event that one of the fictional stories would one day become a reality.

Might I add the heavy usage of floppy disks (do teens even know what this is anymore)? Or only having access to the Internet for academic purposes? Things have really changed...Apart of me is happy but the other part of me feels nostalgic for these pastimes. That is why I decided to release the 90's child in my outfit. From the hat to the shoes everything I am wearing screams 90s. 

Some may view the 90s style as a "trend" but I view it as a lifestyle


What Is She Wearing?

American Apparel Hat

American Apparel Easy Jean Pants

American VintageTop

Converse Special Edition Gorillaz Shoes

Diesel Watch

Violet Luxe Choker

Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple