The Cool Kids Skip School

Hello again followers, lurkers and anyone else who falls within or outside one of these categories. I took a mini break from blogging and partly social media to do a lot of reflecting on the goal of my blog. While I did some reflecting I couldn't help but think fashion blogging is seeming..well a bit blasé to me. After lurking through hundreds and yes, I mean HUNDREDS of blogs this past year I couldn't help but think many of us, (including myself) are beginning to look the same. The same white "minimalistic" background and same cursive header font.

It's even got to the point where biographies are beginning to look the same to me "fashion enthusiast" of some sort and so and and so forth. As I have come to notice this, I thought to myself how do I (or you) stand out from the rest? I have tried to take a different approach, even a different voice but you know how bloggersphere is--if you want to make it "big" you have to not only oversimplify your style but also make sure your content is relevant to the masses. 

The aforementioned statement really grinds my gears and I think that's where some of us lost our creative "touch," our drive to be "different" in the fashion blogging world. I am not afraid to admit that both my perspective and approach to fashion blogging has changed from 2014 to present. I once considered it a hobby but now I find myself wanting to monetize my blog which contradicts the entire reason I started blogging. But, when you receive countless e-mails for collaborations it makes you question whether or not you should stay true to yourself or sell your soul to the fashion blogging devil. 

I know I may get some heat from this post but I felt that this post was much needed in the fashion blogging world. Maybe my frustrations stem from seeing amazing bloggers not receive the credit they deserve may just be writers block. At times like this I find myself asking "What would Carrie Bradshaw do?"


What is She Wearing?

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