Take Me on a Ride

Versatility is defined by Dictionary.com as "having different skills or qualities." The ability to be versatile enables one to seamlessly adapt in any situation (e.g., fashion blogging, interpersonal interactions and other daily life activities). To be versatile is to be a chameleon--you are able to blend in with the "crowd" although you may not have the slightest clue of what the crowd represents or the overall purpose of the crowd. 

The beauty of versatility is that you never have to stick to one "thing" and the upside of this is that no one expects you too. The same applies to artistry. For example,  Marina and the Diamonds, Rihanna, Kanye West; what do they all have in common? Their style, vision and artistry has all evolved over the years as a result of their versatility. They can easily adapt to different styles. For instance, Rihanna with her dark grunge phase to her happy go lucky Rhastafarian phase. Marina and the Diamonds with her Electra Heart 60s era to her breathtaking Froot 70s era.

I view myself as a versatile human being. My fashion style is constantly evolving and my taste in art, music and trending topics are constantly changing sometimes contradicting each other. I am a chameleon who plays dress up in different eras. I can effortlessly blend into different fashion eras without anyone questioning my credibility and how can they? For I am knowledgeable on completely almost era down to knowing the "whose who" at the time.

Versatility is love

What is She Wearing?

Vintage shirt

AG Jeans Sneakers

Dresslink shorts