She Never Made Varsity

Throughout my K-12 years I never really had an interest in sports or anything related to being "active" or "in-shape" for that matter. I did however run track for almost two weeks until I moved out of Virginia. 

I guess I was never really set out for sports even though I was told many times that I should have done track, volleyball or basketball. I remember being a junior in high school and having a coach from a local high school attempt to persuade me into joining a team and I remember kindly turning down his offer stating "Sorry, I am not good at sports." 

Despite not being an athlete I did put my height into good use--I modeled for a few years. So, in a way I guess I kind of did make varsity...

What is She Wearing?

Asos Sneakers

Marshalls (unknown brand) Romper

Urban Outfitter Crop Top

Charlotte Russe Beanie

Ebay Choker