The irony of this post is ridiculous. The title is named "Bewitched" but I have never in my life watched the show. For the most part, I know the show was about a woman in the 70s who at the movement of her nose would disappear. How's that for a makeshift synopsis?

Circling back to my 70s statement, it's evident that my outfit is a combination of 70s Coachella love child meets Queen Nerfertiti -and I say this because the choker just screams ancient Egypt whereas the floppy hat and loose fitting dress makes me want to belch out the lyrics to Jefferson Airplane's classic hit "Don't you Want Somebody to Love?"

That's what I loved about the 70s. Although am a 90s child by birth, I cannot fathom how times have changed since then. The music lyrics resonates with my soul, the fashion was free and vibrant and the films were unforgettable. If any of you become a mad scientist who creates a time machine, take me with you and drop me off in 1976.

What is She Wearing?

Everything was literally given to me as a gift, sorry!

Banke Balogun21 Comments