Vintage Over Everything

As summer faces its demise, I cannot help but think of all of the wonderful memories I experienced within these past few months. Unfortunately, these memories caused for me to be a little backed up on my blog post so bear with me as I bombard you all with constant posts for the next few weeks and possibly months.

I am very fond of vintage and yes, I mention this in almost every post. I just cannot help myself. I am seldom interested in making the pastime trips to the shopping mall--unless it's to scope out some cool perfume or jewelry from Forever 21. Whenever I go to the mall I end up dropping everything in my hand before I even reach the register. That is and will forever be the story of my life. On the other hand, with vintage clothing I end up having too much in my hand than I bargained for like this dress. But, I couldn't put it down something about it captivated me and it looked enchanting so I bought it!

Are you a fan of vintage and if so where are your favorite places to shop?

What is She Wearing?

Forever 21 sandals

Vintage Dress