Festival Frenzy

I understand that I am indeed a few months too late on debuting my festival attire; but, when you live in Southern California, it becomes difficult to leave Coachella styles in the past. I'm actually very bummed that I could not attend this year's Coachella festivities. For the most part, I experienced the event by living vicariously through my Instagram followers. There is also the sheer fact that I attended Stromae's concert shortly after Coachella. He was a performer at Coachella so in my eye's I felt satisfied with seeing him outside of the major event.

Outfit details

I decided to pair the acid wash shorts with a darker denim crop top because I wanted the outfit to be more vibrant. I could have easily paired the shorts with the same color crop top, but to me that seemed a little bit too predictable and conventional. As for the vintage blouse, it only seemed fitting to pair it with this outfit. It's a combination of fun and the 80s at the same time.

What is She Wearing?

Forever 21 Acid Wash Shorts

Forever 21 Floppy Hat

Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote

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