The Big Escape

The weather in Southern California can be quiet interesting to say the least. As I sit here writing this post, I cannot help but wonder how the weather in San Diego went from being soo awesome to just horrible today. Not that I am complaining--after all, we are in a severe drought here and any rain that we receive should be considered a blessing. Although I am in a rut with the weather, it does have its benefits. Lately, I have been having 50+ work weeks and barely have had enough time to just kick back and relax. So in a way, the rain has forced me to do just that.

I am however happy that before the rain struck, that I was able to strut this lovely dress

*courtesy of Dresslink.*

I love how elegant and detailed the dress is and how I can wear it to almost any event depending on how I decide to style it. Usually, I am a bit skeptical when it comes to ordering items online from sites that I do not know about but, fortunately, this dress turned out to fit me like a glove.

What is She Wearing?

Dresslink dress

Michael Kors watch

Nine West Shoes