Whenever summer hits, I always am able to dedicate more time to my self-care. For me, summer serves as the catalyst to exploring different fashion styles and enables me to be free from the conventional styles that I ironically always find myself submitting to during school.

It's been quiet some time since I have done an edgy look and I blame that on still the fact that I am still trying to dabble with the looks I am going for the summer. I am telling you all, I have a very eclectic and unpredictable wardrobe. There's also the fact that I am kind of living out of a few suitcases at the moment. 

I received these jogger pants from my sister a few years ago and have always found it difficult to pair it with an outfit. It was not until recently that a had an "aha" moment which revealed to me it would be perfect to pair it with this unique "bandage" crop top. As you can see, it was a match made in heaven :D.

What is She Wearing?

Ebay Crop Top

Guess Heels

Ebay Hat