Blog writing is hands down the most difficult type of writing for me. Unlike academic writing, fashion blog writing is not as structured and there is no need to go into depth with the concepts presented in your fashion blogging. Maybe that's why I struggle with it--it forces you think outside the box and pushes for you to be creative ( two things that I struggle with). Maybe one day I will master the art of blog writing; however, today is NOT the day.

Aside from my issues with blog writing, I have been feeling...well... more independent. After finishing my first year of graduate school it struck me--I am an adult. The idea that was once difficult for me to grasp in undergrad has now become my reality and has taken over full fledge. Maybe that's what inspired me to debut this outfit, it serves as a reminder of my budding independence and my femininity.

What is she wearing?

Steve Madden Pumps

Vintage Dress

Forever 21 Beret

Marshalls sequined clutch