Vintage Queen

Decided to make a post during my study break. I have finals this week and next week and seriously, I'm already drained and I have yet to even complete one final! But, anyways, for those of you who are regular readers of my blog you know that I have a soft spot for vintage clothing! I cannot get enough of it! That's why I make yet another post sporting a vintage piece. Can you guess which clothing item I'm talking about? Well, the shirt of course! Actually, it's a jacket but hey if it looks like a shirt, fits like a shirt then i'm going to consider it a shirt. It's a really fun and vibrant jacket! I decided to make it even more fun by pairing it with some striped high waisted shorts. 

What is she wearing?

Vince Camuto Clutch

Nine West Booties

Ebay Sunglasses

Thrifted Shirt

Shorts (can't remember, I think F21?)

Until next time!