Casual look numerous tres. Felt like doing another black, white and lime green post.  Everything about this look was very comfy down to the shoes which are Max Studio.

I purchased the sweatshirt and skirt during Black Friday or what I would formally like to dub "The Hunger Game" fest. This year's deals were not as great as last year and the clothing selections were not too hot either but I liked this shirt from H&M and the skirt from Papaya so I decided to buy it. The deal I got on the look is enough to make anyone smile like I am in the photos. The sweatshirt for 10.00 and the skirt for 12.00. I have definitely been a bargain shopper lately. I mean I have to I'm a broke graduate student!

What is she wearing?

Max Studio Shoes

H&M Top

Papaya Skirt



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