Rebels and Nomads

First time shopping in the men's section and it was a success! Snagged this beauty and a Versace Collection t-shirt #winning. I never thought I'd venture out and buy clothes from the men's section but I've come to realize they make the best tees for guys. It seems as if this is going to be a trend soon because Kylie Jenner already posted a picture on her Instagram where she announced her new found love for shopping in the men's clothing section. I predict this will be the newest trend in 2015.

 I wanted to keep it cool and casual because I'm on vacation which is keyword for "i'm feeling lazy with my fashion" meaning I don't feel like dressing up. It's called vacation for a reason! :P I had fun with this casual look and decided to wear my hair two different styles!

If you haven't already got a pair of American Apparel Disco pants I STRONGLY advice you to buy a pair! They are amazingly comfortable and if you like attention, it will bring forth a lot of stares! Since I was going for a black and white look I decided to pull out my black converse. I cannot believe I've had these shoes since 8th grade!

What do you like to wear when you don't feel like dressing up?

What is she wearing?

T-shirt: Rebels and Nomads

Pants: American Apparel Disco pants

Shoes: Converse