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Makeup by One Direction Review Number 2!

Makeup by One Direction Review Number 2!

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So what are my moves for tonight? Well, I'm currently laying down in my living room watching my nephew play video games while at the same time creeping down my Instagram feed. It seems like tonight's a pretty chill night and I say that not just because my night it but it seems as if the same applies to everyone i'm following.

I'm soo happy to be reviewing yet another One Direction Make-Up Kit. This is the second kit I've received from them and like the first one, I was thrilled with the end results. I'm a pretty colorful blogger. Why? Because my personality is really colorful and plus, I get bored easily if I just wear black, white or grey. That's why I really enjoy these kits-- it's for girls like me. 

Don't let the name fool you. It may seem as if this One Direction is only for teenagers but trust me when I say it's really not. The makeup works just as good as any brand you would purchase from Ulta or Sephora. The quality is great and long-lasting.

So in this post, i'll be reviewing the kit I was recently sent. So...let me give you the deets on the products!

The nail varnishes: were great! Very vibrant and long lasting


you apply a top coat. I really recommend using acetone to get the silver glitter nail polish off or it'll hell for you. It's a very pretty color and I'll most likely be sporting this for NYE. It's a fun color. Great for a night out with the girls or just if you're feeling lucky! As you can tell, the silver was my favorite. The dark blue polish was also just as great. I've never really been a fan of wearing blue nail polish but this one surprised me...in a good way that is. It's not as vibrant as the silver nail polish--it's a more toned down hue. I recommend wearing this one again at the club. As for the pink, it was my 2nd favorite. I'm always picky when it comes to pink nail polishes I don't like too hot pink polishes but I don't like pinks that you can barely tell that it's a pink nail polish. This one is perfect. I actually wore a Clueless-esque outfit with it and got a lot of complements not only on my outfit but on the shade of the nail polish.

The glitter: I'm referring to the eye shadows hehe. They were really fun! I wore them in the night time and my favorite was the blue glitter eye shadow. It was a lot of fun and it was the one that matched my skin tone the most. 

The mascara: Super interesting take on this. Never thought I would rock blue, yellow or pink mascara. All of them were super fun! Super creative that Makeup by One Direction came up with this idea. If you're a risk taker like me you'll love it.

The lipglosses: Good. Only downside is the orange didn't show up on my skin tone but...the red was great. I liked the feel of it and it wasn't too sticky like a lot of other lipglosses.

Overall, Makeup by One Direction is great. I strongly recommend their products. Don't let the name fool you, these products are very good quality. My kit from the summertime is still in good condition and the masquera is still working great.

I'll be posting pictures up on my blog of the nail varnishes....currently out of town and all of my makeup products are back at my apartment in LA.

In the meantime, check out thei

r Facebook page

to see how other bloggers painted their face with their makeup!

P.S. Makeup by One Direction is doing a GIVEAWAY! Make sure to enter it below!


Will you be wearing Makeup by One Direction in the new year?

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