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Christmas was amazing! I had soo much fun. I danced with my family, opened up some great presents and had some wonderful food. My sisters and I were super bummed that the Twilight Zone marathon didn't come on so we just watched Home Alone instead. 

Meanwhile while all of this was going on, I found some spare time to sneak in a blog post. Crazy how on the other side of the U.S. people wouldn't even dare wear what I'm sporting in this post out of fear of getting sick!

 I've been eying these see-through mesh black tops for awhile now and decided to purchase it. It took me awhile to figure out how to style it but I think I pulled it off here, no? My advice to anyone who is contemplating purchasing one of these is to wear a crop top underneath it or a sports bra. Those are the two clothing items that I found worked best for this look.

Another thing is that, some people choose to let the mesh either a. cover their entire outfit or b. tuck it into their pants/shorts, etc. I posted pictures of the skirt tucked and of it not tucked it. I actually prefer it not tucked in because it gives my look a more grungy feel.

The see-through clutch is from eBay! I've had it for some years now and only have worn it a handful of times because I could never find anything to go with it. It's a nice clutch when you feel like letting the world know what exactly you are carrying in your purchase. Plus, it encourages me not to carry junk with me since everyone will be able to see it hehe.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

What is she wearing?

Deena and Ozzy Sandals

eBay Clutch

eBay Mesh Top

eBay Sunnies

Forever 21 Shorts

Marc Jacobs Watch

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Rebels and Nomads

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