The Fresh Princess

This is the first time I have ever wrote a blog post on my phone and to be quiet honest, it feels super weird. It's like I'm crossing into an unknown territory right now at the slip or should I say swipe of my finger.  I'm currently at LAX about to be en route for a research conference. I feel like a real adult I'm only staying in Texas for 24 hours then I'll be back to my home sweet home LA. 

I got the name for this post because my sister commented on my Instagram picture of the first shot and said it looks like an outfit Fresh Prince would wear and I said you know what it really does but, I'm not a guy so I'll call it Fresh Princess.

This outfit has a lot going on from the hat to the vibrant colors. I've been wearing a lot of colors lately because I've become sucked into the world of vintage. Its like I've completely given up on my go to stores in the mall and found a new found love in vintage. Something about the 90s and 80s vibes I get when I go to thrift stores that really persuades me to buy the clothing. The shirt is actually from a brand that surprisingly still exist I promise to update info about the brand when I get back to Cali but just wanted to post another outfit post since I've been lagging these days. I guess that's what grad school does to you!

What is she wearing? 

Kesh hat

Converse sneakers

Forever 21 shirt

Thrifted top

American Appatel knee highs

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