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Le Bunny Bleu x Banke

Le Bunny Bleu x Banke

Recently, I was granted an AMAZING opportunity to collaborate with Le Bunny Bleu. Words cannot express how I was super excited to get these new sneakers in the mail and they came just in time for back to school.

So for my daily readers, I have finally started graduate school at UCLA! I'm very thrilled however, the work load is A LOT so the bad news is that I will not be blogging as much as I was during the summer. The good news is since I will not be blogging as much, expect to see some FAB outfits that I put a lot of effort in putting together.

Since I am back in school, I wanted to post an outfit that is ideal for the everyday college student. Hence, the plain grey shorts and the high waisted shorts. There's also the fact that most college students, do not wear heels to class so since that is the case for a majority of college goers, I felt that it was suitable to have a nice casual look paired with some awesome sneakers.

I have really really, REALLY big feet. So finding a hidden wedge sneaker is very difficult to me. I usually give up after after hitting up a few stores in the mall which is why I was soo happy that these babies actually fit. Not only do they fit but they are super comfy. I have no arch in my feet so finding comfortable sneakers is very important to me. I mean, let's face it UCLA is full of heels and you need some shoes that are, well, comfy.

This is a very bold, and daring shoe style for me because I usually don't venture out when it comes to my sneaker purchases but I really love the grey and neon color combination. What I like about this particular sneaker is that it comes in many different colors. 

Check out some other styling of the Grey Emmaline Sneaker!

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What is she wearing?

Lebunny Bleu Emmaline Hidden Wedge Sneakers (click



Forever 21 backpack

Tommy Hilfiger flannel shirt

Zenana Outfitters top

Vince Camuto bracelet

Lee Jeans shorts

H&M hat



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