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Xoxo Gossip Girl

Xoxo Gossip Girl

Oh what a short weekend. I'm super bummed that my birthday weekend is now over. But, at least I'm getting my last fun in tonight. Lately, since I've started school, I feel like I haven't had enough "blog-worthy" outfits so I may slow down on some post as I continue to become swamped with homework, readings and some curveballs that grad school always seems to throw your way. 

Blair Waldorf was the epitome of classiness on the show "Gossip Girl." She was graceful and always made me think this is how an Upper-East Side girl should look. In admiration for this fictional character's style, I took it upon myself to see what I had in my closet that maybe would have been worn by Blair.

For those of you into the fashion season trends, the color combination is a perfect fall match. Navy blue and black are always go-to fashion fall colors. Although I try not to follow seasonal trends for clothing, (since I live in Socal we kind of only have two seasons), I still really appreciate each season's unique sense of colors. 

The pinstriped shorts are perfect for any setting. Whether you are going to class, or want to hang out with friends, its a type of design every girl should have in their closet. As for the shoes, I decided to pair this outfit with black H&M shoes because lets face it, come fall season many people don't want to bring TOO much attention to their outfit. To me, the most classiest outfits are those that are the simplest. 

Listed below are some of my FAVORITE Blair Waldorf outfits. Which one is your favorite?

What is she wearing?

H&M jacket

Zara shoes

Pulicati bag

H&M shorts

eBay sunnies

Le Bunny Bleu x Banke

Le Bunny Bleu x Banke

Edge of Glory

Edge of Glory