Ornate buildings and houses, confining corsets that seemingly appeared to obstruct a woman's ability to breathe and the infamous yet intriguing Queen Victoria. All of these objects, events and people all remain our past time but are pleasently still vital pieces of history that can never be forgotten. It would have been a delightful and whimsical time for me to have lived in this era where many of the known figures were pompous in their nature. Not saying that is something to aspire to emulate however, it is something to adorn in the way it was orchestrated. Queen Victoria, Charles Darwin and Louis Pasteur (a monumental figure in the public health world) all appeared may have appeared pompous to those during the time, but had every right to be--I mean look at what they accomplished! We are still influenced by some of the ideologies held by these very figures.

The message I am trying to convey is that as a blogger, you may sometimes appear to outsiders as "pompous" and "cocky" or whatever names people want to throw in there. But, it's not true--it's that you have the ability to master your craft and take pride in what you do and that's something that everyone in any field should strive to accomplish :).

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