The CraFt

What are my moves for today? Well, I'm currently sitting down contemplating on whether or not I would like to watch The Crucible today. I've always been a fan of 90s movies and apart of me wishes everyday that I can get a time machine to bring me back to '99. Even though I was just a little kid at the time, I still have vivid memories of the whole era. Stove top popcorn, Slime Time Live, TRL (back when MTV actually played music) etc. 

One of my favorite movies from that era was The Craft. I would definitely say I was inspired by some of the outfits I saw from that movie to put this outfit together. I'm soo happy the fashion from that time is coming back! I patiently waited as we went through 70s, 80s and now finally 90s trends. I've been rocker chokers for the past two weeks now hehe.

The kitty headband is from Forever 21. I really like it because it's not too big and not too small and doesn't look like it can only be worn for Halloween.

The slit dress is from Sheinside! Soo glad I bought this! It's a really versatile dress and you can do a lot with it. Lastly, my combat boots are from Payless! I have huge feet *cough* size 11 *cough* so Payless is always my go to place for combat boots or just boots in general. I seriously lucked out with these!

What is she wearing?

Payless Combat Boots

Sheinside Slit Dress

Forever 21 Headband

Ebay Choker

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