As I sit down and write this post while some melodramatic sitcom is playing on my t.v., (I've completely tuned it out) I can't help but think how my style has changed since I first began my blog back in January. 

It's startling to me that I'm going to reach that 1 year mark in January. I can definitely say that my blog has taken me places these past few months. I got to collaborate with a few brands and expand and will continue to expand my fashion repertoire.

Before I continue on my rant down memory lane, let me digress and start talking about what REALLY matters which is my outfit. Remember in my last post I said I'm becoming (I don't want to use the overused blogger term "obsessed" so I'll think of another word...) addicted to thrift stores? Well, this is another timeless piece that was such a steal from the same thrift store I went to in San Diego. To me, this outfit is a mix of Daisy from the Great Gatsby meets Cher from Clueless. Oh how these two fictional characters would make a dynamic duo!

What is she wearing?

Forever 21 beret

Vintage dress

Vintage Chanel bag

Asos shoes (can't remember name of designer...will update soon!)


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